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Bitcoin has started to revolutionize the international financial system. The distribution of cash has increased significantly in recent years and the first online casinos are now offering deposits and withdrawals with this cryptocurrency. On this page you will find not only the test of the best BTC casinos and games, but also many additional background information on transactions and not least my personal Bitcoin casino experiences.

The Bao Casino convinces above all by 2 things: a huge selection of games with over 2000 games as well as an equally large offer of payment methods, where you can even pay with cryptocurrencies!

1. That means, at the outset, it is a matter of ensuring that the online casino has a valid gambling license at all. For example, the Malta Gaming Authority is a relatively well-known authority that gives gambling licences.

There are also a few Bitcoin casinos no deposit bonus offers, even if here the deposit method for the free offer is independent only once. But if you plan to pay in or out with Bitcoin, you can also first test the Bitcoin Casino with its free free games for a first quick test. The following list contains all Bitcoin casinos with free free games or starting credits without deposit:

You simply send the desired amount to the address and the payment process will be stored immediately in the blockchain. All addresses as well as the credit balance are publicly available in the blockchain, but they cannot be manipulated, since everything is protected via a private key. The private key gives you access to a Bitcoin address.

As with all other new customer bonuses, a BTC bonus is also attached to various conditions. You can find the corresponding details on the Casino Bonus page, there are no differences to the bonuses in other cryptos.

Bitcoin Casino Comparison: Payment Traffic

No one is actually tracking or monitoring Bitcoin transactions. For example, players who use anonymity are particularly keen to use this transaction method. In addition, Bitcoin offers payments and withdrawals many more benefits.

In principle, the Bit Coin clients function in a similar way to the well-known e-wallets PayPal or Neteller. The address from which you can receive a Bitcoin payment or with which you can receive the Coins will only be displayed to the trading partner as a pseudonym, which allows anonymous payments. However, since the transactions are stored in the blockchain, addresses and transactions are nevertheless traceable and thus secure. The administration of your bitcoins will also take place in the e-wallet of your choice.

Go to the "Payout or Checkout" section of your Bitcoin Casino. Let's say you've won a great prize and you want to pay your winnings. Now, the first step to complete this action is to visit the checkout area. Normally the checkout is a click away. Once you have entered the checkout area, you should select the payout option and choose Bitcoin as a payout method. Note that certain operators do not allow you to make disbursements via Bitcoin, unless you have also made deposits through this method.

The web page is also a bitcoin platform, which makes it members who use the popular virtual currency. Which allows you to deposit and withdraw your winnings via the payment form. This type of online use of money is becoming increasingly popular, especially at Crypto Casino fans, so it's a fantastic message that 24 VIP Casino accepts this payment form.

Errors in the course of the game do not have to be accepted as well, because the modern programs of the providers always ensure a liquid and entertaining operation. All in all, the Live Casino is therefore clearly recommended.

Step 1: Registration

But before you can use the digital currency Bitcoin to charge your account, you have to register at the casino. In this case, various data are required, which must then be given truthfully. Since this process is handled differently by each casino, the instructions should always be followed.

Independence of political and legal regulations. We do not support an illegal gambling and such activities can have many negative consequences for the participants. However, we have to mention that Bitcoin offers players independence from political and legal regulations. More specifically, since Bitcoin makes the players anonymous, it's easy to conclude that neither operators nor governments can track whether anyone plays casino games online. This can be particularly useful for players from countries where gambling is illegal, such as the US, Australia, and some Asian countries. In fact, they can be used on serious offshore or foreign casino websites participate and play with Bitcoin, without risking, discovering or punishing.

The idea for this was created in a white paper by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. The work dealt with the problem of conventional means of payment. This is about the fact that currencies without trust do not work. The Nakamotos work suggested a solution to the problem and developed an alternative. Thereupon the Bitcoin network was created on 03.01.2009. Anyone who really is Nakamoto is not known. There are different assumptions that are circulating in the network, but everyone has in common not to be able to be confirmed.

1. Gambling licence guarantees safety and seriousness

Up until about 20 years ago, online casinos were still similar to the Wild West: there were no controls or structures and basically anyone could do and leave what he wanted. Accordingly, it also often came to abrogating and cheating. However, a lot has been done since then, so today a robust gambling regulation exists.

Then there is the convenience of the currency, especially in terms of paying in secure Bitcoin casinos. In this way, you can pay invoices abroad without having to exchange your money. Since no banks are involved, these transactions are not only favorable, but can also be carried out at any time. Unlike bank transfers, there is no day when you do not edit referrals. In addition, the processing of transactions is relatively fast.

Because anyone who decides for the mining process needs a computer with an extremely high computer power, and nowadays it is hardly economical to stoke even after Bitcoins. What are more interesting here are mining pools.

This casino has good payout checks, but accepts only payments in the form of Bitcoin. It usually has large specials, sign up bonus, it has a pretty large selection of different games to choose from. There are 600 or more games of good quality.

Whether it's the dollar, the euro, the ruble, or the well-known cryptocurrencies, the game fun knows no limits in the Slotum Online Casino. The provider has been equipped with a license from Curacao since 2018 and offers a rich selection of licensed slots and casino-crypto games of very well-known gambling brands. Here, there is a guarantee for every taste and every budget a decent portion of entertainment-from simple games to serious bets.

It offers games such as Blackjack, Mines, Plinko, Wheel of Fortune, Hilo, Roulette, Chartbet and some more. Be warned that the graphics are very simple and functional, even though they are constantly updated and updated.

Bitcoin, as already mentioned, is a cryptocurrency, which functions as a so-called decentralized payment system. That is, the currency operates independently of banks such as countries.

So it's a very mature and smart investment when you're betting on Bitcoin. Even the Swiss authorities are already using Bitcoin, so you can get a refund in the canton of Zug, its taxes in Bitcoin. One can expect a strong upward trend over the next few years, with more and more companies and organizations accepting Bitcoins as a fixed payment method.

Other cryptocurrencies created from Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first, but today no longer the only crypto currency. There are many imitators as well as projects with completely new ideas, concepts and functionalities. Bitcoin itself has certain rules like the network to find a consensus on how long the block time or how large each individual block is. Nothing can be changed at a later date. But what you can do is a so-called Fork. In doing so, the original blockchain is taken over at a certain point, the code is slightly changed and continues with a new "rule set". From this Fork there are now two different and independent blockchains. Due to the popularity of Bitcoin, this has already happened several times. The following overview lists some (but by far not all) known cryptocurrencies that have emerged from Bitcoin.

However, PayPal has a serious disadvantage, as only about 40% of the casino sites accept it. In addition, there is a long list of countries where PayPal is not supported. In many cases, therefore, you need an alternative payment method.

You can observe every detail from several points of view and can thus experience real casino feeling. Trade fair against real opponents, for example at the Casino Holdem or at the Baccarat. Other different poker variants or craps such as Sic Bo are often offered.

What makes Bitcoin so special?

Bitcoin is the first decentral currency based on a blockchain. This changes the way you make payments, and for the deposit in a casino, there are various advantages, but also disadvantages.

If you use new Bitcoin, it can take until you understand all the functions. There is a certain amount of time to get used to understanding how Bitcoin works.

The limits for paylines at Bitcoin slot machines will move in the range 0.01 mBTC to 1mBTC, which is approximately 10 cents to 10 €. However, there can also be automats with even lower or even higher operating limits. Inserts at Bitcoin table games are usually higher in the range of 0.1mBTC up to 1BTC, which corresponds approximately to a bet of € 1m to 10,000 €.

1. The probably simpler variant is to buy Bitcoins from an online provider. 2. The other variant, even to create coins via mining, can mainly be a beginner or a beginner. You are not recommended to increase your use.

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